Steven Demei was always a martial artist. When he was 15 (in 1996), he saw a movie called “Only the Strong” and fell in love with the Art. But to his disappointment there was no Capoeira group or teacher on Curacao (an island in the Caribbean). But he did not lose hope. He went after what he wanted. He looked online and via ICQ Messenger for people that could help him with a VHS tape so that he could practice Capoeira at home.

In 2000 Steven went to the Netherlands (he was not allowed to go to Brazil that period of time by his parents). There he trained intensively for a month. In 2002 Steven moved to the Netherlands to continue is studies and did not lose time to jump back on the Capoeira wagon. At his first Batizado, Steven got the Nickname Congo, given to him by Professor (Now Formado) Dengoso. Formado Dengoso explained to him that it was because he was heavy in weight but could still move fast and light like the great silver-back Gorillas of Congo.

Since then Congo traveled various times to Brazil to practice Capoeira and in search of the Brazilian roots of this art.

In 2006 Congo got the title of Graduado. Graduado Congo assisted in Classes and acted as a substitute teacher. Since then, Graduado Congo gets invited to numerous events in and outside the Dutch boarders as a guest teacher. And in 2009 Graduado Congo started to teach his own classes for kids and adults. This was in the city of The Hague (In the Netherlands).

In 2011 Congo graduated from Graduado to Instrutor. He lived in Belgium and started classes in Essen (BE), Roosendaal (NL) and Wuustwezel (BE).

In 2014 he moved back to his place of birth Curacao. Now he teaches his passion and founded an official Grupo Capoeira Brasil section on the island.

In 2018 Congo graduated from Instrutor to Professor. Making him the first Curacao born Capoerisita to ever obtain this title.

In 2023 Congo graduated from Professor to Formando (Contra Mestre).